Cake Pricing

Cake prices are calculated on the size, flavour, complexity and the amount of time that will be involved to create the final order. Please keep in mind that even a simple cake may require at least 10 hours of work to complete and therefore are not completed in one day. 

All orders are baked fresh from scratch using quality ingredients such as real butter, free range eggs, premium coverture chocolate etc.

To give you a basic idea of what you can expect to pay; a fondant covered round cake, simple design:

  • Single tiered cakes: start from $90 (6 inch cake)
  • Two tiered cakes: start from $220 (6 & 8 inch cakes)
  • Three tiered cakes: start from $450 (6, 8 & 10 inch cakes)
  • Four tiered cakes: start from $620 (6, 8, 10 & 12 inch cakes)

Square cakes and extended height cakes (e.g. cakes taller than 4 inches) will cost more than the regular round cakes. Not only do they serve more per size, they also require more time and skill to perfect.

Buttercream Cakes:

Simple buttercream cakes with no hand made decorations cost considerably less than fondant covered cakes and are also quoted on cake by cake basis depending on size and flavour combination. Some decoration is available with buttercream cakes and I am always happy to discuss options. 

Sculpted Novelty Cakes: from $200

Bride and Groom Figurines: from $150 per pair

Babies/Children Figurines: from $70 per figurine

Characters/Animals Toppers: from $50 but prices vary greatly, depending on size and complexity, so please contact me for a quote.

While I feel my creations are reasonably priced; I am often asked by friends why custom cakes are so "expensive"... I encourage people to not only consider the hours involved and ingredients used to create a custom designed cake, but the additional costs of equipment required and electricity used. Then there are the hours spent on administration and communication, practicing techniques, trialing new recipes and methods. There is time spent travelling to different shops to get right ingredients, coloured ribbon, boards and fresh produce. There are many occasions where work is carried out throughout the night to ensure the freshest product upon collection or delivery. I am happy to sacrifice a little sleep to ensure a wonderful tasting product for you on your special day, rather than baking over a week in advance so that I can get to bed early each night. Most people are shocked to hear that some designs can take up to 15-20 hours of physical work. I ask my friends how much would they like to be paid for 20 hours of work and believe you me, their reply is always MUCH more than I have charged for the cake in discussion. This information is not aimed at making you feel uncomfortable or annoyed; this is merely giving you a glimpse of what is involved in the creation of a custom cake. I love what I do and if I could do it for free, trust me I would (just don't tell my accountant I said that).  But like every household, I have bills to pay and food for the family to buy. Without your support and orders I cannot produce my "edible art" so to you I say, THANK YOU!