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Hello. My name is Karina Jakku and I am located in Townsville, North Queensland. My passion for baking began at an early age, baking birthday cakes and desserts for my family and friends. I would show up to friends' parties with a cake or cupcakes and I always received the same comment: "You made these? You should sell them!"

All of my cakes and cupcakes are baked from scratch, no packet mixes filled with chemicals and preservatives here. I use quality ingredients including free range organic eggs, real Lurpak Danish butter, couverture chocolate, pure cocoa and wherever possible, best seasonal and local produce available to me. I believe these elements make all the difference in the final taste.  After all, cake is meant to be eaten so must taste fabulous, as well as look amazing! 

I love the decorating process; it's where I get to unleash my inner artist. The buzz from creating something beautiful out of an edible medium is very rewarding. I am constantly told by my clients, "Its too pretty to eat!"  To which I reply, "Nonsense, take a photo and then dive in!"

However, one of my favourite things is to create amazing flavoured cupcakes. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing a friend exclaim; "OH MY GOD! This tastes AMAZING".  So, this is my way of spreading happiness to those who take a bite of one of my creations.

Head over to the menu page to see the selection of classic and gourmet flavoured cupcakes and cakes to tantalise your taste buds. 

As I work by myself I am limited in how many bookings I can take per week. To avoid dissapointment I recommend that you get in early and book your date. I truly hate to say "no" but I only have one set of hands. Pop over to my CONTACT ME page to submit a booking request.